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Full Pack EA Updated original version (dll protection)
price: $269
Unlimited Real account MT4

Unlimited Demo-account MT4

Best Set files for 10 pairs


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version EA Daweda

Old monitor - broker Pruton Capital (trade is complete. all funds withdrawn successfully)

version Daweda:

  • Improved security of the deposit: fixed stop loss is changed, now stop loss is calculated by ATR based on the maximum and minimum        prices from 12 to 72 hours + indentation in points, set in the settings.
  • Modified opening orders.


  • No martingale;
  • No Grid;
  • Safe money-management;
  • Any broker Any currency pairs / instrument;
  • Scalping;
  • No indicators, the adviser uses his algorithmic price system (Three-legged scalping algotrading Avg. Trade Length:1h 48m);
  • Easy and quick configuration without brakes;
  • Optimization for profit, for any period of history;
  • Automatic disabling of the Expert Advisor if the drawdown threshold is reached;
  • Full automatic;
  • Not afraid of news;
  • Do not overstay or leave open orders hanging;
  • Fixed stop loss and closing of opposition orders;
  • Only one order / safe trade is open at a time;
  • Not sensitive to spread;
Advantages of our adviser:
  • Minimal deposit for start trade $50/5000cent;
  • Long history;
  • No indicators;
  • Stability in any trend / flat market;
  • Not sensitive to spread;
  • Low risk and stable low Drawdown;
What are you getting:
  • Reliable algorithmic adviser, work without indicators
  • Installation by our specialist in your account MT4 (Help via TeamView)
  • Extended warranty: If our adviser does not make a profit within the first month, we will refund you its cost, as well as the minimum deposit.
  • We use a proven and regulated broker
  • We are interested in making profit with our adviser MIDASAMA TRADER. Therefore, we provide you with a truly profitable and stable advisor. If you have a profit, and we have a profit. This is the best guarantee in the world of forex.
  • We provide a lifelong guarantee of return the cost of EA, if for you our adviser does not approach